In circumstances where your trading monthly limit has been reached before the new subscription starts you can still use Bitsgap services if you upgrade your plan. In this article, we will show you how you can do it to reset your trading monthly limit.

You can upgrade your subscription to a different plan and it will be done automatically for you when you confirm the changes. Please follow our quick guide on how to do it.

1. Log in to your Bitsgap account and continue to the Manage plans page.

2. Select the new plan and click Upgrade

3. Check the new plan conditions and confirm plan upgrade

Now you when you have new subscription plan you can continue using Bitsgap services with a renewed trading monthly limit!

But why my new plan has fewer days, how do you convert it?

To upgrade your account we don't charge you additional, instead, we are using days left of your current package with the initial payment, and calculate new period using the daily rate of the selected package.

Here is a quick example: You have 12 days left on your Basic plan and you want to upgrade it to Advanced.

Step 1

  • The Basic plan price is $19 which means that 1 day on this package costs app. $0.64

Step 2

  • Since you have already used your package partially and you have only 12 days left, your initial payment is decreased to $7.68 (12 days x $0.64) - we will be using this amount for the upgrade.

Step 3

  • The price for Advanced package is $44 which means that 1 day on this package will cost app. $1.47

Step 4

  • When you upgrade your plan, we use the "remaining" payment of $7.68 and divide it by the 1 day-price of the new plan $1.47

Step 5

  • As a result, you will receive 5 days of the Advanced package rounded down ($7.68 payment / $ 1.47 1 day-price)

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