To cancel any of your running bots, please click on the "Close" icon as shown below.

You will see options to close your bot on the panel on the right-hand side. Click on the arrow to pick the way you prefer to close your bot.

After performing these actions, the bot will be closed, all its orders will be cancelled. Funds placed in cancelled orders will become available on the balance. Bot settings and results of its work after deletion are transferred to the Spot History section.

What are the options to close my bots?

1) Cancel all open orders. This option simply cancels all the open orders in your bot. Both base and quote currencies will be back in your wallet.

2) Sell at the market price. When closing a bot, all your base currency in open orders will be sold, you will get back the quote currency only.

3) Place Sell Limit order at the break-even price. The bot closing option is available only if the Total PNL figure is negative. Bot orders will be cancelled. The system will place a standard limit order to sell the base currency at the breakeven price. The breakeven price is the value at which the Total PNL will be equal to zero.

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