In this article, you will learn about the calculation behind the Investment Change value for an active bot and how to read your bot results.

As an example, let's take one of our running bots on the BURGER/BUSD pair, where BURGER is the base currency and BUSD is the quote currency. The bot generates profit in quote currency, i.e., BUSD. Investment Change is also estimated in BUSD.

The price of the BURGER coin is 1.777 BUSD (marked by an arrow); this price will be used to calculate Investment Change.

Bot results and parameters

Initial Funds’ Value = 2299.92 BUSD

Bot profit = 62.89 BUSD (2.73%)

Investment Change = 0.31%

The Current Funds’ section shows the value change of your funds, calculated based on the current market price plus your bot profit. It takes into consideration the following factors:

  1. The quote currency in buy orders

  2. The value of base currency currently used in sell orders

  3. Accumulated Bot Profit in the quote currency

To calculate the investment change, we must distract the Initial Funds’ value from the Current Funds’ value:

2 299.92 BUSD

- 2 307.21 BUSD

= 7.28 BUSD (total P&L)

Thus, while the bot was working, the initial investment changed by 7.28 BUSD or 0.31%. Bot profit is already included in the investment change calculation since it always tends to overlap any decrease in base coins' value.

To calculate the Bot profit % as a separate metric, we use the following formula: Initial Funds’ value + Bot Profit.

2 299.92 BUSD (Initial investment)

+ 62.89 BUSD (Bot Profit)

= 2 362,81 BUSD (+2.73%)

This is the real bot profit.

Bot current assets are used to place orders, some of which are placed in base currency BURGER (SELL orders), while others in quote currency BUSD (BUY orders). That's why if you plan to sell base currency for quote currency when closing the bot, we recommend taking Investment Change % into account, as it considers the current price of the base currency.

The balance used in open orders

To find out how much of each coin is currently held in open orders by this bot, let’s refer to the Balances under the Current Funds section:

From the picture above, we can see that we have a total of 1077.9151 BURGER in open SELL orders.

The BUSD figure here is composed of quote coins used in open buy orders plus bot profit. So, to calculate the total sum of BUSD currently held in open orders, we should distract bot profit from there:

391.75 BUSD

- 62.89 BUSD

= 328,86 BUSD in open BUY orders.

Converting balance to quote currency

To calculate Investment Change, we need to know how much our base currency is worth if we convert it to the quote currency and see the increase/decrease if we compare it to what we start with.

Below is the bot balance evaluation based on the current price of the BURGER coin in BUSD (1.777 BUSD):

Calculating Investment Change

Let’s calculate the Investment Change value and compare it to the Bot Profit:

Bot Profit of 62.89 BUSD will remain the same. However, the Investment Change indicator takes into account the current price of the base currency that is held in open orders, and this price will is changing constantly.

If we want to close the bot from our example selling BURGER for USDT at the immediate market price, some profit would be lost because of the BURGER price change and how the balance of the base and quote currency is currently distributed between open orders. At the same time, generated profit is covering some loss of the value change of the base currency, resulting in the Investment change being positive.

To sum up, if you want to sell your base currency for quote currency, you might want to wait until Investment Change increases. You could also use a Take Profit tool, which closes the bot automatically and sells base currency when Investment Change reaches a certain value (learn more about Take Profit Bot Feature).

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