In this article, you will learn what is the Take Profit in trading bot and how to configure it in the best way.

Trading bot’s Take Profit explained

The Take profit is an order designed for the purpose to manage your risks where the system stops the bot when the specified Take Profit condition is met:

Once the investment change of the active bot reaches a specified profit percentage that you set in a Take Profit configuration, the bot stops trading by selling all of the base currency used in open orders.

👋 Example: You have an active bot trading on ETH/USDT, and you set your Take profit at 15%. As soon as the Investment Change becomes +15%, the bot will close all orders, sell remain ETH, and then moved in the History.

Take profit is the ultimate solution to lock in returns whenever you need. Define your investment goal and set the Take profit in accordance with it.

How to active Take Profit

The Take Profit is available only for the Pro plan. There are two options on how to activate the Take Profit feature for your bot.

Take Profit for new bot

To activate the Take Profit for your new bot, please toggle on the Take Profit option and enter the % value.

Take Profit for active bot

To active the Take Profit for your active bot, please click on the "Stats" icon. This will open a new window where you can see the detailed information about the bot's performance, and also change some settings.

In the settings, please enter the % value and then click [Modify] to confirm changes.

That's it! Now your bot has the Take Profit feature enabled and it will secure your profit opportunities as soon as the condition is met 😎

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