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How to Create a Short Futures Bot?
How to Create a Short Futures Bot?
Do you know how to create a Short futures bot? Check out this article on the Bitsgap Help Center to get your answers this 2023.
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The Short bot is designed to profit from the falling market. If you expect the price to decrease, then creating a Short futures bot will be the right option. The main idea is to create multiple buy orders as your take profits, and extra DCA (dollar-cost-averaging) sell orders to adjust the Entry price if the price goes in the opposite direction.

Create Short futures bot

Follow these steps to create your first Short bot:

1. To start a new Combo bot, click the [Start new bot] button located in the top menu of the Bots page.

2. From the list of all available bots, select [Combo bot]. This will reveal a new widget on the right corner of your screen where the settings of your Combo bot can be adjusted.

3. On the right side of your screen, a menu for the creation of your first Combo bot will be shown, where you can select the exchange, the pair, the investment, and set the advanced settings if you want to customize them to your strategy.

You can learn more about advanced settings in our article - Customize Advanced Bitsgap Combo Bot Settings.

4. Start by selecting an exchange and a pair. Click on the “Exchange” window to choose an exchange, then “Pair” to set the trading pair. Once this is done, move to the following step.

5. Click on [Short] to create a futures bot that will accumulate profit if the price decreases.

6. Enter the total investment value you would like to operate with or use the slider to specify the percentage based on your available balance.

7. Select the leverage and margin mode. Maximum leverage is 10x.

💡 Tip: To avoid early liquidation, we recommend using Cross margin mode.

The Available balance window displays the amount of USDT available on your balance.

Once everything is set up, click the [Continue] button.

You can also customize your bot’s advanced settings in the "Manual Adjustment" section. Otherwise, your bot will be launched with the following default parameters:

  • 30 grid levels

  • High price and Low price at 10% from the current price

You can learn more about each step in that section in our article - Customize Advanced Bitsgap Combo Bot Settings.

8. This is the final step before launching the bot. Here you can review all the selected settings:

  • Exchange;

  • Trading pair;

  • Direction;

  • Initial Margin;

  • Leverage;

  • Profit currency;

  • Amount of the base currency (DOT) in the DCA orders (red);

  • Amount of the base currency (DOT) in the Grid orders (green);

  • High and Low prices;

  • Number of DCA and Grid levels;

  • DCA and Grid step.

If changes need to be made, go back by clicking on the arrow. Otherwise, hit the [Start bot] button to get started.

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