The Long bot is designed to profit from the rising market. If you expect the price to increase, then creating a Long futures bot will be the right option. The main idea is to create multiple sell orders as your take profits, and extra DCA (dollar-cost-averaging) buy orders to adjust the Entry price if the price goes in the opposite direction.

Create Long futures bot

Follow these steps to create your first Long bot:

1. Select your Futures exchange from the list of connected exchanges.

2. Select the “Combo bot” strategy.

3. Select the trading pair.

4. Click on [Long] to create a long bot.

5. Enter your Investment or Maximum position value.

6. Set the leverage and margin mode. Please note, that to avoid early liquidation we recommend using Cross margin mode.

7. Adjust the price range on the chart, or enter the lower price & upper price manually.

8. Enter the number of grids or set the grid step.

9. Activate Stop Loss or/and Take Profit for extra protection.

10. Click the [Start] button to create your first long bot for the futures.

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