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How to Create a Long COMBO Bot?
How to Create a Long COMBO Bot?

Would you like to discover how to create a Long COMBO bot? Here's how it all works and how to do it correctly on Bitsgap.

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If you expect the price to increase, then creating a Long futures bot will be the right option. The main idea of the bot is to create multiple sell orders as your take profits and extra DCA (dollar-cost-averaging) buy orders to adjust the entry price.

Create a Long COMBO bot

Follow these steps to create your first Long bot:

1. Select a bot type

To set up a new Long COMBO Bot, click [Start new bot] located in the top menu of the Bots page.

You will see a pop-up window displaying all available bots. Switch to the Futures section and select [COMBO Bot].

2. Customize the bot settings

On the right side of your screen, you will find a menu to configure your first COMBO Bot. Here you can choose the exchange, trading pair, and investment amount, as well as set advanced settings to customize your strategy.

You can learn more about advanced settings in our article - Customize Advanced Bitsgap Combo Bot Settings.

Start by selecting the exchange and trading pair. Click on the “Exchange” field to choose an exchange, then “Pair” to select your preferred trading pair (contract).

Pick the [Long] strategy to create a Long futures bot.

Enter the initial margin you would like to operate with or use the slider to specify the percentage based on your balance. This represents your investment, excluding the leverage that will be allocated for trades from your available balance.

Set the leverage and margin mode according to your preferences. Maximum leverage is 10x.

💡 Tip

To avoid early liquidation, we recommend using Cross margin mode.

The Available for bot use window displays the amount of USDT available for starting the bot.

Once everything is set up and you are ready to proceed, click the [Continue] button.

📚 Info
You can customize your bot’s advanced settings in the "Manual Adjustment" section. Otherwise, your bot will be launched with the following default parameters:

- 40 grid levels

- High price and Low price at 10% from the current price

You can learn more about the "Manual Adjustment" section in our article Customize Advanced Bitsgap Combo Bot Settings.

3. Backtest

You can evaluate the bot’s performance based on historical market data for a selected period by conducting a Backtest. This feature helps you understand and optimize your bot settings for the chosen trading pair.

To initiate backtest, click the [Backtest] button. In the pop-up window, you will see the calculated bot results (Bot profit) with the current settings for the past 30 days (default period), as shown in the example below.

4. Review and confirm the settings

This is the final step before launching the bot. Take a moment to review all the selected settings.

Preview settings

  • Bot type;

  • Exchange;

  • Pair;

  • Direction;

  • Initial margin;

  • Margin type;

  • Leverage;

  • Profit currency;

  • The base currency in DCA orders;

  • The base currency in Grid orders;

  • High and Low prices;

  • Number of DCA and Grid levels;

  • DCA and Grid step between levels.

If any changes need to be made, click the back arrow. Otherwise, click the [Start Bot] button to launch the bot.

📊 Analyze your bot’s performance

You can track your bot results in the detailed "Performance" window. This will help you better understand your bot's performance, as well as get more detailed information about each transaction. You can find it on the right-hand side after clicking on a necessary bot:

Here you can see overall and daily Bot profit, position and total PNL, trading time, and the number of completed transactions. It also shows the position size, current margin, and liquidation price.

Bot orders

The “History” → "Bot orders" tab displays specific details on all the trades your bot has already completed. Here you will see the following information:

  • The time when each order was filled;

  • Order side (buy or sell);

  • Action (order type);

  • Order amount in the base currency;

  • Order price;

  • Exchange trading fee;

  • Profit per each trade;

  • Total profit considering the applied trading fees.

Open orders tab

If you want to check the status of your bot open trades, head to the "Open orders" tab. To do that, click the [Bot orders] button in the Performance tab:

In the "Open orders" tab, you can find more info about the number of open orders, their time, side, type, amount, price, and status.

Modify bots

Whenever you want to adjust settings, select the bot you need and press [Bot actions] on the right-hand side.

Bot Actions Options

  • Manual position averaging - invest additional funds in an open position to influence the bot PNL level. To average the position price, you will specify and check:

    • Amount for averaging without the leverage;

    • Available balance;

    • Current and new estimated position size in the base currency;

    • Current and estimated average price.

  • Add/remove margin - increase or decrease the position margin to manage its liquidation price.

    This option is available for the Isolated margin mode only.

    If you choose this option, insert and check:

    • Action - add or remove margin;

    • Amount to add or remove;

    • Current margin;

    • Available balance;

    • Current and new estimated liquidation price.

  • Modify bot - enable or disable Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Once all the necessary changes have been made, press [Confirm] to proceed.

Close bots

To close a bot, select the one you need and hit the [Stop Bot] button.

On the right-hand side, you will see a panel with your bot's current status and closing options.

Stop Bot Conditions

  1. Close position: The orders will get canceled, and the position will be closed, locking in the result your bot reached.

  2. Keep position: The bot orders will get canceled, but the position will stay open until you close it manually or the Stop Loss or Take Profit condition is met. This way, you can manage the final results of your strategy.

After you choose the closing option, press the [Confirm] button. It will initiate the process of shutting your bot down.

Restart closed bots

To restart a closed bot, go to the [Bot history] tab. Then select the bot that you prefer and click [Restart].

Adjust the settings if needed, and proceed to the bot's overview tab. Double-check the chosen parameters and launch the bot by pressing [Start Bot].

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