At the end of the paid subscription period, your Bitsgap account will be automatically transferred to the Limited plan for 2 days. During this period, you can renew your subscription, upgrade, or downgrade your plan.

What changes can be made while on the Limited plan:

  1. Closing a bot

  2. Cancelling an order (limit, smart orders, shadow etc.)

  3. Changing or removing API keys

  4. Changing or deleting user settings (2FA, passwords, etc.)

  5. Using the Demo mode.

  6. Paying for the current plan or switching to a new one

While on the Limited plan, the following operations are not possible:

  1. Creation of new orders on the live account (limit, market, stop limit)

  2. Launch of new bots on the live account

  3. Creation of new automation (smart trade, shadow, twap, etc.).

After 2 days of the Limited plan, in case of non-renewal of the new subscription period, the system will perform the following actions:

  1. All orders created through the Bitsgap interface will be cancelled

  2. All bots and automation will be cancelled

  3. Your account will be transferred to the Free plan with access only to the Demo mode

Do you want to know why you were downgraded to the Limited plan? Check this article - My account was changed to a Limited plan.

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