Downgraded to Limited plan? In this article, you will learn what is Limited plan is and possible reasons for downgrading your account to it.

Your plan has expired

There might be a situation when you are not able to extend or upgrade your subscription on time. There is nothing to worry about! We made sure you will not lose your active bots and automation by introducing a Limited plan where you can decide on renewing the subscription.

The Limited plan gets activated after the current subscription expires, this plan lasts for 5 days, during which all bots and orders stay active. However, new bots cannot be started on a Limited plan.

Please note: if the payment is not made during the 5-day period of the Limited plan, then our system changes your account to a Free plan, thus all bots and orders get cancelled automatically.

Upgrading the plan free of charge

Another reason why you may be transferred to the Limited plan is when you upgrade from a lower to a higher subscription. In this case, to upgrade your account, you don't have to make another payment. Instead, we are using days left of your current subscription and calculate the new period using the daily rate of the selected plan.

Eventually, you would have fewer days with your new plan, and after the subscription expires, the Limited plan gets activated as well. Before you upgrade the plan to a higher tier, we show you how many days you will have on a new plan.

For more detailed information about how we recalculate days during the upgrade, please refer to our article - My monthly trading limit is reached, what should I do?

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