The main goal of arbitrage is rebalancing your funds between exchanges with a positive outcome. The profit will be always on the exchange where you sell the coin:

  1. For example, we have 1 BTC on the Binance exchange and 500 USD on the KuCoin exchange.

  2. The prices for BTC are the following: Binance 550 USD, Kucoin 500 USD. By executing this arbitrage deal, we receive 550 USD on Binance and 1 BTC on Kucoin.

  3. As you can see, we have swapped our balances between these two exchanges with an extra profit on top which is 50 USD.

The real profit from the arbitrage deal depends on the withdrawal commission of the exchange. We don't recommend settling for less than 2% of the difference from each arbitrage trade.

Please note: the profit you see on the Arbitrage page is shown in the currency of your account. For example, USD will not appear on your account if the pair you picked was ADA/BTC. Instead, you will have BTC equivalent to the USD we show.

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