The error "Unable to complete arbitrage deal. Balance is less than 15.00 USD" means that there are not enough of the necessary coins available on each of the exchanges where the arbitrage opportunity is present.

To make the Trade button appear, you will need to make sure that you have both currencies of the selected trading pair. But before you decide to execute an arbitrage deal, we recommend checking withdrawal fees and make sure that this currency is available for withdrawal from the exchange.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to execute an arbitrage deal with a random amount of coins. For that, we have certain requirements.

Here is an example of the arbitrage deal from the illustration above:

Assuming that we have both HitBTC and Binance exchanges connected, we now can complete this arbitrage deal. Now we need to make sure that we have 0.462 BTC on HitBTC and 387.37 ETC on Binance. And when all the conditions are met, a trade button appears.

Completing the arbitrage deal we can see that we will earn app. 1 569.55 EUR, but it is because the price difference is over 12.6% which is not quite often can be seen on the market. (In general, we recommend that you need to have at least 10 000 USD both in crypto and fiat divided between exchanges if you want to get some guaranteed profit). That's why arbitrage requires a solid portfolio to get a small profit.

With that in mind, trading with bots can be a more efficient way to utilize your portfolio and generate income and it also works for a single exchange only!

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