In this article, you will learn how to activate the Trailing Down feature for new and active spot bots.

To maintain the trailing down feature without interruptions, it is important to have an available quote currency on your account balance. Otherwise, it won't be possible to execute new buy orders to acquire new base currency to use in new sell orders.

The Stop Trailing Down price is used to limit until what price the bot should continue to trail down the grid. This can give you more control over your account balance and restrict the bot to purchase coins below the price you don't want.

Tip: You can use any price that is below the lowest border of your grid. If you want to run your bot indefinitely then you can enter any number that is greater than 0 - but we strongly recommend limiting it in order to avoid any unexpected costs.

Please note: The trailing down feature is available for Sbot bots only created no longer than 3 months ago. The trailing down is not available for Classic and Combo bots.

New bot

The Trailing Down can be activated when creating a new bot. You will need to:

  1. Activate the switch for Trailing Down

  2. Enter the Stop Trailing Down price condition where the bot should stop trailing the price. Alternatively you can drag the Stop Trailing Down price on the chart!

Existing Bot

In case you want to enable the Trailing Down feature on one of your active bot, then you can do it in your Bot's view window.

Enter the Stop Trailing Down Price and click [Modify] to confirm changes.

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