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In this article, you will learn about the No trading zone - what it means and why it is always shown on the graph.

The "No trading" (Exchange fee) zone is a gap where no order can be currently placed due to the grid step and the fee of your exchange. The system places buy and sell orders far away from each other to avoid negative results.

The zone includes the 2-times of your grid step plus the 2-times trading fee of your exchange. But do not worry, it does not mean that you are losing any trading opportunities here.

This zone is always placed between the nearest sell and buy order with the completed buy order in the middle. This completed buy order in the middle has generated your nearest sell order. It means that there is no need to place any new buy or sell order in the No trading zone because the order that should be created here has been already filled and now the system is just waiting for the opposite order (buy or sell) to get filled.

Here is a quick example: If we take the bottom sell order and once it gets executed, the system will place a new buy order on the next sell level. This way we make sure that nothing goes in the "No Trading" zone and is spaced accordingly to cover the fee and your grid spacing.

Now when you see the No trading fee zone you will understand that this is a part of the process that is preventing the system from making deals with a negative outcome.

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