On the Bots page, for any of your active bots, you will see a parameter called Value:

It represents your Initial investment + Bot Profit, or in other words - the pure performance of the bot!

Why the Value shows the true performance of the bot?

One of the most important key factors in starting a successful bot is Picking a suitable market. And the best market for a Spot Bot is always a sideways market. We want the price to bounce between certain price levels, but we don’t want it to be trending up or down.

Once you’ve identified a perfect market, and set up yet another bot - how do we compare it now?

This is where “Value” comes in handy! It’s showing the performance of the bot not taking into account temporary changes of the price - basically allowing us to see which bot has been performing the best itself, no matter if the price is a bit down or up now.

As long as it stays inside the price range we have assigned for it earlier (The distance between Upper and Lower limits) - there is nothing to worry about but performance.

💡 Tip: Sorting your bots by “Value” will allow you to determine the best performing bots, while you could clearly see which ones require some tweaking to become more profitable.

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