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Monitor bot's performance in the detailed view window
Monitor bot's performance in the detailed view window

Receive more data about the bot, change of the existing and starting funds, compare with top benchmarks, edit your bot's settings.

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The detailed view window allows you to track your bot's live performance in terms of how much profit it has made since the start, how the current price affects your funds' statement held by the bot, and how your performance is reflected in the currency you are most familiar with.

This report gives you additional information about the trading time and the number of completed transactions. Also, it shows the ratio of the quote and base currency in open orders and their current value.

🤔 How to access the View window?

To open the bot information window, go to the Bot's page and click on the necessary bot.

On the right-hand side, you will find the “Performance” window. Here you can evaluate how well your bot is operating and analyze its performance in the profit or system currencies.

🤖 Inside the "Performance" window

In this section, we will go through each part separately and show how you can use the presented information to decide whether you should keep the bot active or look for another opportunity.

Select the currency for your data

Changing your displayed currency will recalculate it accordingly to the current and past rates of the selected currency. This will help you to read, analyze and compare your bot's performance in the currency that is more convenient for you.

You can display values in:

  • Profit currency (selected by default)

  • System currency (the option is displayed only if the system does not match the base currency or the quote currency)

See the generated profit and check the market influence on your bot

This section shows how well your bot is performing and how much profit it has generated from the trading activity.

  • The Bot profit field shows accumulated profit (after deducting the trading fee) that goes directly to your available balance.

  • The Average daily profit displayed the average daily results reached by your active bot. This value is calculated by dividing your total Bot profit by the trading time of your bot.

  • Unrealized PNL is a loss or profit from the current price change of the base currency, which is held in the bot's open orders. The loss and profit have a temporary effect unless the bot is closed with selling or buying back sell the base currency at the market price.

See how your bot's funds are valued at the current price

This "In Orders" section shows how many funds are used by the bot. It includes:

  • The base currency in sell orders

  • The quote currency in buy orders

  • Value of both currencies in the quote currency

Compare the state of funds since the launch of the bot

The "Invested funds" section shows the estimated value of the funds used to launch the bot. The base currency value is calculated with the starting market price or the buy price for initial orders

The Invested funds of the bot include:

  • The base currency in initial sell orders

  • The quote currency in initial buy orders

  • Value of both currencies in the quote currency when starting the bot

This data helps you keep track of what funds were involved when you launched the bot. You can also monitor how other connected features, such as grid levels modification, changes your initial investment over time.

Track how many transactions have been completed and how long your bot is currently running

The “General info” section shows how many transactions your bot has completed and displays the trading time.

The bot view window makes it easy for you to keep track of your bot's performance and respond quickly to any unexpected changes in the selected market.

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