The detailed view window allows you to track your bot's live performance in terms of how much profit it has made since the start in regular trading, how the current price affects your current funds' statement held by the bot, and how your performance is reflected in the currency you are most familiar with.

This report also includes information about the trading time, number of completed transactions, comparison to the most common benchmarks, and also highlights the information which shows how your funds' would behave if you would go with the buy-and-hold scenario.

How to access the View window?

You can access your bot's performance window from the Bots page. This will open a new pop-up window where you will find the most detailed information about your bot's results.

Here you will find all the necessary information to evaluate how well your bot is performing and analyze its performance in different currencies.

Inside the bot's view window

In the following part, we will go through each part separately and show how you can use it to make a trading decision on whether you should keep the bot active or find another opportunity.

Change the currency for your data

Changing your displayed currency will change the data and recalculate it accordingly to the current and past rate of the selected currency. This will allow you to read, analyze and compare your bot's performance in the currency that is more convenient for you.

You can display your values in:

  • Quote currency (selected by default if the system currency is not displayed)

  • Base currency

  • System currency (the option is displayed only if the system currently does not match the base currency or the quote currency)

See the real bot profit results from the trading activity

The bot profit statement shows the results that the bot has already been generated from the regular trading activity. This profit is coming from the repeating buy and sell order execution where the shown difference is automatically transferred to your available balance.

Changing the currency to display the bot's performance value will change the P&L value accordingly to the current rate. The bot profit is a vital part of any bot as it will directly influence the overall performance when we add it to the Total P&L section.

Compare how your bot is doing against the most common benchmarks

Benchmarks show the changes in the major cryptocurrency prices during the trading time of a bot. It helps to monitor the bot's performance relative to buy-and-hold scenarios. It shows BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT percentage change in the current rate against the rate when the bot was launched.

When looking at the benchmarks you will receive additional insights if a particular bot is effective against the buy-and-hold scenario, so it may become clearer if you need to close it now or let it work further to continue generating income.

See how your current bot's funds are valued at the current price

This Current funds section shows the overall state of your bot, where we include the value change of your funds calculated based on the current market price plus your bot profit. The Total P&L is presenting the value difference of these compared to the initial value of your funds when you just started the bot.

1. The Current funds of your bot include:

  • The base currency in sell orders

  • The quote currency in buy orders

  • Accumulated Bot Profit in the quote currency

2. The Value field is a summary of current balances (including by the bot, and profit) in selected value currency equivalent.

3. The Total P&L is a summary value change and the bot's P&L in selected value currency equivalent.

This data shows how your account balance will increase or decrease after you decide to close your bot and sell all the base currency at the current market price. This is where you can make a decision to leave the bot running or fix your profit or losses by selling the base currency that is held in open sell orders.

Compare the bot's results against the buy-and-hold scenario

The Initial funds section shows the state of your bot's funds at the start and how the value of initially purchased coins would have changed over time until now, based on the current market price.

1. The Initial funds of your bot include:

  • The base currency in sell orders

  • The quote currency in buy orders

2. The Value field is a summary of initial balances in the selected currency.

3. The increased or decreased Value change of initial funds in the selected currency.

This data allows you to understand if it would be better to leave the purchased currency on your available balance instead of allocating them for the bot. It also allows you to cancel underperforming bots in situations when the buy-and-hold strategy would bring better results.

Track how many transactions have been completed and how long your bot is currently running

This section shows how many transactions your bot has completed so far and how many trades it is usually making on average. It also displays the trading time so you don't have to go to the main page to check this information.

The Info section represents:

  • The number of completed transactions

  • Average daily transactions

  • Trading time of the bot

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