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Why haven't I received my confirmation email?
Why haven't I received my confirmation email?

Are you still waiting for your confirmation email from Bitsgap? Here's what most likely happened and how to solve the issue.

Updated over a week ago

Once you have registered your Bitsgap account, you will normally receive an email confirming your account registration. It usually takes up to 10 minutes to reach your inbox. If after this time, you haven't received your confirmation email, it could be that the email you were using was incorrect, or the registration failed to complete.

However, there are some steps for troubleshooting that you can follow in order to find your confirmation email:

  1. Check if you have signed up with the right email address

  2. Search your email inbox for the Bitsgap verification email. Go to your email inbox and try searching [email protected]

  3. Check your SPAM and Promo folder

  4. Check the settings of your email. Depending on the email provider you are using, some settings could prevent our emails to reach your inbox. Make sure that Bitsgap related emails are not filtered out of your inbox.

If you still haven't received the Bitsgap verification email, please contact our customer support team!

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