In this article, we will highlight the main steps on how to add your Passphrase, API key and Secret key of the Coinbase Pro exchange to our platform.

1. Create an API key, and enable the needed permissions.

2. Create a Passphrase.

Copy and paste your Passphrase to the appropriate field as shown below:

3. Afterwards, you will see your Secret key. Make sure to copy and save it somewhere safe. Otherwise, the Secret key becomes hidden and you would need to start over again.

This key will have to be pasted into the Secret key field:

4. The last step is to copy your API key.

Once copied, go to the API field:

5. Click on the [Connect] tab. After this, your API keys should be connected successfully. If not, please try to check the API settings and add API keys again or send us the request to [email protected]

How to create API keys for the Coinbase Pro exchange? Please refer to this article - How to create and set up Coinbase Pro API key

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