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How to purchase a plan as a Corporate Customer?
How to purchase a plan as a Corporate Customer?
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With Bitsgap, you can use your corporate account to pay purchase invoices. By making a payment with your business account, payments for any of your plans will be VAT-exempt.


This option is available for European companies only.

How can I purchase a subscription using my corporate account?

1. Go to the Manage plans page.

2. Select your preferred plan and click the [Upgrade to…] or [Extend subscription] button.

3. Click the "Corporate account" toggle on the checkout page.

4. Insert your company details.

👋 Note

You may see your official company name, VAT number, and other details on the VIES website.

Please enter the details exactly as they appear on the VIES website. If your company is missing there, you should contact your local VAT authority for instructions on how to update your company information on the VIES website.

5. Add in the company information, accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and proceed by clicking [Continue].

Our system will initiate the synchronization and confirmation process of your company data with the VIES website. If the inserted data is correct, you will be forwarded to the next page to proceed with the payment.

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