Pump protection
What is a Pump protection? How do I enable and disable these features?
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The Pump protection feature prevents your bot from buying too high in case of a pump and extending your trading range down in case of a dump.

🤔 What is a Pump and Dump strategy?

Speculative investors use the P&D scheme to increase (or decrease) a coin's value artificially. They aim to inflate the price and sell the coin at the pumped-up value. Once the target price is reached, they dump the price back within minutes. Some traders can benefit from this scheme, but the risk of instant losses when using the so-called Pump & Dump strategy is also very high.

How does it work?

The Pump protection is activated for bots by default once you enable Trailing features. If the protection is active when the price moves rapidly, the bot will detect it and change the bot status to "Pump".

📑 Note: When a rapid price change occurs, the Trailing Up feature will not move grids up, and the Trailing Down feature will not add new grids down.

📈 Pump Protection for Grid bots

New bot

When creating a Grid bot, you can change the Pump Protection option next to the active Trailing Up or Trailing Down features (in the Manual Adjustment section). By default, the Pump Protection is always enabled, however, you can deactivate it if needed.

Warning: Disabling the Pump protection increases risks, especially on highly volatile pairs.

Modifying an existing bot

If you have an active bot, you can enable or disable the Pump Protection at any moment. You can access these settings by clicking the [Modify] button of the selected bot.

📑 Note: the Pump protection for Buy the Dip bots cannot be disabled - it is activated by default along with the Trailing Down feature.

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