In this article, you will learn how to modify your active DCA bot and how the changes will be applied to each starting mode.

✏️ How to modify an active bot?

To change the settings of your DCA bot, click the [Modify] button on the right-hand side, as shown in the picture below.

What settings can be changed?

📑 Note: Settings that may affect the volume of the initial investment (i.e., initial order volume, DCA order volume, number of DCA orders), trading pair, and direction (Long/Short) are not available for modification.

Once you press the [Modify] button, you will be able to change the settings of your bot. You will be able to go through from the 1st to the 5th step, just like when you were creating your bot.

Bot's mode & Indicators' settings

The first step is unavailable for modification due to the limitation mentioned above in the Note. You can start changing your settings from the 2nd step. There you can switch the "Instant" mode to the "Indicators" mode, or vice versa. You can also add or remove indicators, and change their timeframes.

❗ The change from the "Instant" mode to the "Indicators" mode or vice versa will only be applied from the next cycle, i.e. after the bot has executed and closed the current cycle.

Price range

To correct or add a price range in the 2nd step, click the [Optional] button, set the minimum or maximum price, or even both.

Take Profit

In the 4th step, you can change the Take Profit mode between the "Percent" and the "Indicators". Other options such as Indicators' settings and Minimum profit can be added or changed during this step.

Stop Loss

In the 5th step, you will have either both tabs or only "Exit and Stop" depending on what launching method you selected in the 2nd step. Entry based on Indicators will unlock the option of the "Exit and wait" stop loss.

For both options, you can modify the type of your Stop Loss (DCA or Fixed), move your Stop Loss level, and add the Trailing Stop and Drawdown limit (available only for the "Exit and Wait" option).

When all the changes have been made, click [Preview bot] > [Confirm].

🤔 When settings will be applied?

Depending on your bot's entry mode, some of your settings will be applied instantly or at the beginning of your next cycle.

Instant mode

For instant mode, you can change your bot's settings at any time and those settings will be applied immediately.

Indicators mode

If your DCA bot was launched with the instant mode, then new settings will be applied only at the beginning of the next cycle. This means, that the bot needs to complete the cycle with the existing settings and only then it can apply new settings.

The exception is when the bot has the Waiting status, then the settings will be applied right away.

🔁 How to restart a closed bot and modify it?

To restart and modify a closed bot, go to the Spot history tab. Select the bot you want to restart and press the [Modify & Restart] button.

When the DCA bot launcher opens, you can either restart the bot by saving the past settings or change its entire configuration if necessary. Restarting a closed bot with modification is no different from the regular modification of the active bot. However, you will be able to assign new investments and change settings that have been locked before.

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