🤖 What is Sbot v2?

The new version of the Sbot is an improved version with higher accuracy, more precise bot metrics, and performance. The new bot includes the following improvements:

  • Ability to consider residual fees and reinvest them into the bot, supporting the original investment;

  • Ability to place an accurate order when placing SL/TP without leaving less than the stated accuracy on balance;

  • Placing bot orders without a request for additional purchase;

  • The 'View" window displays the correctly calculated base sale value after closing.

🤔 How can it be accessed?

You may try out the new version of Sbot on the Bitsgap Early Access Platform. To access it, navigate your mouse cursor to your profile icon. In the drop-down menu, switch to the [Bitsgap Early Access] as shown below.

💡 The testing environment is available for all plans, i.e., Trial, Basic, Advanced, Pro.

On the Early Access platform, you have the possibility of starting up to 100 Sbots v2. It will not be included in your plan bot limit. You can track how many bots you have on the stable and beta versions in the upper panel. Sbots started in Demo mode will be included in the standard demo bot limit.

📑 Note: No other bots except Sbot v2 can be launched on the Early Access Bitsgap platform.

👉 How to start a Sbot v2?

1) To start a new Sbot, click the [Start new bot] button on the top menu tab of the Bots page.

2) You will see a pop-up window showing all the available bots that can be started. Select the Sbot v2 option.

3) Select one of the connected exchanges where you want to launch a bot and choose a pair.

4) Insert the amount you want to invest or use the slider to specify the percentage.

5) Set the trading range by moving tags on the chart or inserting numbers in the Low price and High price boxes.

6) Choose the number of grids or the grid step.

7) Enable additional features for your bot, such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Up, and Pump Protection.

8) To launch the bot, click [Start] -> [Confirm].

9) When the bot is launched, you will see the Early Access tag on your bot.

📚 What's next?

Want to learn more about the Early Access platform? Check out our Bitsgap Early Access!

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