In this article, we will look at the new Sbot V2, see the differences, and what new features have been added to it.

🤖 Sbot vs Sbot V2

The new version of the Sbot is an improved version with higher accuracy, more precise bot metrics, and performance. The new bot includes the following improvements:



Sbot v2

1. Starting a bot

When launching the bot, manual confirmation of additional purchases is required from the user.

The bot starts without any additional purchase and places orders for instant execution on the market.

2. Initial investment

At the additional purchase, the bot always buys/sells 0.5% more than required by calculation. Therefore, the balances can be set aside on balance, and accumulate, reducing the amount of the initial investment at launch.

The bot does not lose the initial investment; the investment remains stable because:

1) 100% of the invested amount is distributed to orders;

2) we do not place starting orders on a larger volume than calculations require it.

3. Fees

The remaining amounts of fees are put aside on the user's balance and pile up. The bot does not reinvest them.

The bot takes into account the remaining amounts of fees and reinvests them into the bot when placing subsequent orders without leaving a small number of coins on the user's available balance.

4. Statistics

Statistics may display incorrect data due to incorrect additional purchases and the accumulation of remaining amounts of fees.

Any discrepancy is excluded.

5. SL/TP

Actual price of SL/TP execution may differ from the one in statistics.

The correct order is placed for SL/TP without leaving on balance less than the stated precision.

Once the bot launches, it will place orders within the selected range. If the number of base or quote coins is insufficient, the bot will exchange some of the coins you have for the amount it needs to get started, and no action will be required.

📑 Note: The bot profit and investment change columns will show negative figures if additional coins were purchased when starting a bot.

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Other improvements

Bug Fixes

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