API Account Lock
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API Account Lock is an algorithm that limits the use of one API key on several Bitsgap accounts and optimizes checking API data when connecting an exchange. This helps to protect your data and avoid reusing the API key for any other account.

✋ The system will prevent adding the same API key if:

  1. This key appears in the history of another account on the platform;

  2. More than 24 hours have passed since the key was removed from the platform.

🔐 What will happen if I use the same API key?

When adding the API key that has already been connected before, you will receive an email to the account to where that key is already added.

The system will also generate a pop-up notification that the API key has already been connected to another Bitsgap account. You will see the API error status on the "My Exchanges" page, as shown below.

👋 Note

The system will stop sending notifications if the correct key is connected. To close it, click the [Skip] button.

❓ What if I receive the "API Account Lock" error?

If you tried to add the same API key to a new account, go to the exchange and create a new API key, which can later be used for a new Bitsgap account.

In case API keys have not been linked to your account yet, but you receive an email and an error notification that your API data has already been used, then we strongly recommend you log in to your exchange account, delete all unused API keys, and create a new one for our platform.

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