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How do I whitelist the Bitsgap IP address in Binance?
How do I whitelist the Bitsgap IP address in Binance?
How to avoid the protective deletion of the Binance API key by whitelisting trusted Bitsgap IP addresses?
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If your Binance API key is not IP whitelisted and has been inactive for more than 30 days, it will be automatically deleted by Binance. This is an exchange's protective measure to avoid asset losses if your old or inactive API key has been disclosed to any malware or phishing websites.

To keep the current API key and avoid its removal, you can always whitelist trusted Bitsgap's IP addresses. This will ensure that your API key can be used only on Bitsgap and prevent other 3rd parties from accessing it.

🤔 How to receive and whitelist Bitsgap's trusted IP addresses?

Here is a quick step-by-step instruction on how to receive and add Bitsgap's trusted IP addresses to your Binance API key:

Once you open the tab, click on the [Extend] or [Renew] (if the API key has the "Expired" status) or [Fix] (if the key has no trusted IPs) next to the API status.

2. Copy Bitsgap's IP addresses

In the pop-up window, generate and copy the list of trusted IP addresses (simply by clicking the "Copy to clipboard" icon).

3. Open the Edit restrictions menu

Search for your Bitsgap API key and click the [Edit restrictions] next to it.

4. Match the API key restrictions and add Bitsgap's trusted IP addresses

Now you need to check and edit (if needed) the restrictions of your API key, and add Bitsgap's trusted IP addresses:

  1. Enable Spot & Margin Trading permission (if necessary).

  2. Select the Restrict access to trusted IPs only option and paste the IP addresses from the My exchanges tab.

  3. Click [Confirm] to save the pasted IP addresses.

  4. When ready, click [Save].

5. Refresh the API key connection

When the key is renewed, and IP addresses are added, go back to Bitsgap and click on the [Refresh] button in the same pop-up window (or hit [More] (three dots) next to Binance and then [Refresh]).

The system will check the permissions and establish a new connection if everything is correct. You will see Binance with the Connected status and the trading balance available on your account.

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