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Customize Advanced Bitsgap Combo Bot Settings
Customize Advanced Bitsgap Combo Bot Settings
What is the "Manual adjustment" option? How do I use it to lauch my Combo bot?
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When setting up a new Combo bot, the Manual adjustment section allows you to customize your bot’s settings and personalize your trading strategy. To adjust settings, click on the [Manual adjustment].

Step 1: Set up High and Low prices

By default, the system sets lower and upper limits of the trading range at 10% from the current price. All the orders above the current price will be Grid orders, and the ones below are DCA orders.

Step 2: Adjust the grid step and grid levels

The "DCA + Grid levels" parameter reflects the number of open orders your bot will create, while the "DCA and Grid step" represents the price distance between those grid levels.

Both fields are interconnected, i.e., a change in one parameter will lead to a change in the second (since the Grid step % directly determines the distance between bot orders).

Under the Grid step and Grid Levels field, you will see more detailed information about your Combo bot.

  • Max. position - maximum position volume;

  • Max. margin - maximum margin size;

  • 1st order - the volume of the first order, which opens your position;

  • DCA orders (N)* - the total volume of DCA orders;

  • Grid orders (N)* - the total volume of grid orders.

*N - number of orders.

Step 3: Take Profit and Stop Loss

At this step, you determine under what condition and at what percentage of price change the bot should close the position and fix the profit or close your position at a loss.

📑 Stop Loss is not fixed, it will follow the price in a favorable direction. The Trailing mode cannot be disabled for Stop Loss.

Step 4: Backtest

Backtest allows you to evaluate the bot performance based on historical data of a trading pair for a selected period. This feature may help you understand your bot's settings and optimize them for the selected trading pair.

To backtest your bot settings, click on the [Backtest] button. In the pop-up window, you will see the calculated results of the bot's work (bot profit) with the current settings for the past 30 days (by default), like in the example below.

Now your Combo bot is set and ready to be launched! 👍

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