⭐ Improved

We are thrilled to announce the latest improvements to our product! We have listened to your feedback and changed the API key statuses displayed for bots to make them easier to understand. The new statuses now draw your attention to any necessary changes you need to make to your API key and provide clear guidance on how to make those changes. This will help you stay informed and in control of your bot settings.

Additionally, we have added a new reason and status for closing demo bots. Now, when your demo bot reaches the end of its 90-day operating period, you will receive a clear status update indicating whether the bot was closed automatically or due to your action. This will help you keep track of your demo bots and ensure you are always aware of their status.

To further enhance your experience, we have implemented sorting by percentages in the tables for both active bots and bot history. This will help you quickly identify the most profitable bots and make informed decisions about your trading strategy.

We hope these improvements will make your experience with our product even more enjoyable and user-friendly. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Happy trading! 🚀

🔧 Fixed

Continuing to make Bitsgap the most reliable and stable trading platform, we allocated our effort to eliminating some critical bugs this week! 🐛 Here is the complete list of the top fixes:


  • Fixed the problem with the jittery of the order list on the Portfolio page.


  • Corrected the display of values in the Averaging order amount and Base order amount fields in the "Fix it" tooltip.

  • Resolved the issue where changes could not be applied when modifying the DCA bot.

  • Fixed the issue where the DCA bot with no extra DCA orders in the settings was reopening with an additional DCA order.


  • Improved the validation of the grid step for BTD v2 to prevent incorrect operation and loss of profits.

All Bots

  • Resolved the issue where the Create New Bot modal window on the mobile version would not open correctly.

  • Optimized the loading of bots on the mobile version for users with many active bots, eliminating long loading times.

  • Corrected the data validation issue that prevented users from starting a bot with default settings.

  • Added a new "Missing API" status to bots when an API key is removed on the exchange.

  • Fixed the display of bot statuses on the Sharing Page.

  • Resolved the issue where only two bots were displayed when switching from the Bot History tab to the Active Bots tab on the mobile version.

  • Corrected the display of the "No trusted IP" status, which was previously showing as "Canceled" status.


  • Fixed the error where the chart did not switch to the new language when changing the language of the interface.

Connecting Exchanges

  • Fixed the issue where the option to connect via Fast Connect became unavailable when manually removing an API key on the OKX exchange.

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