Bitsgap platform is a cross-exchange integrator allowing you to connect all your favorite exchanges under one unified interface. You will be able to use services such as charting, trading, portfolio management, and arbitrage from one single place.

The Bitsgap is currently integrated with more than 20 exchanges where you can find market leaders like Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Coinbase. You can visit our homepage to see the full list of supported exchanges. The possibilities with Bitsgap are limitless, thus including:

  • Trading: Start trading on all your exchange accounts from single unified interface supported with features used by professional traders. Forget about tab switching and adapting to new exchange interfaces!
  • Portfolio: Stay on track with market development with our simple panel where you can find the most detailed information about your coin performance and the list of recent transactions.
  • Arbitrage: Practice arbitrage trading and win extra cash on a price difference between exchanges in one click. With our real-time data, you will receive the best deals based on your current account balance.
  • Advanced Market Cap: Prospect the price difference and overall market performance with our advanced search engine.

And there are plenty other ready-to-use features available on the platform. Add your first exchange API key and get an edge over the crypto market with Bitsgap!

Please note that Bitsgap is NOT an exchange and we do not host any trades on our side. Bitsgap is an advanced exchange management platform, where you need to have an active account on any supported crypto exchange to link it your Bitsgap account.