Yes, a referral program is available for all registered Bitsgap users. We appreciate everyone for spreading a word about Bitsgap and sharing unique links with your friends and followers. Since we are a free platform, we do not have instant rewards available for you, but as we add more premium features, you will receive exclusive perks for every friend you have invited.

You can access your referral program interface directly in your account settings. Please follow this instruction to access your 
Referral Page and get started:

Step 1: Navigate to Referral Program Page

Once logged in, click on your username in the upper right corner. A drop down menu appears where you need to find Referral program. Click on it.

Step 2: Copy and share your personal link

Your referral ID and the link is automatically generated during the registration process. Now you can copy the link and share it with people you want to invite to Bitsgap. If you prefer to use social media such as Facebook, you can just click on Share on Facebook button and confirm posting it under your Facebook profile.

Statistics will show you how many verified users you have invited to Bitsgap and what is your Referral ID.

Step 3: Track your Referrals

You can monitor information about registration coming from your unique referral link in Referrals Tab. You will be able to see their name, email, registration date, and if your referral has added an API key. The updated in a live manner, you just need to refresh a page to see your new registrations.

Optional: Add banners on your website

If you are a publisher and you want to spread a word about Bitsgap within your community on your website, you can use our pre-configured banners. Just copy and paste the tag in your source code.

What do I get for bringing referrals?

At the moment, the Bitsgap service is free of charge, and we have not yet implemented any payment model for our regular users. We would like to keep our project free of charge and develop premium features from which you will be able to receive your rewards for bringing more people on board.

We also have an affiliate program available for corporate customers. For more information, please contact Bitsgap customer support by email at