The affiliate program is available for all registered Bitsgap users. We will glad to pay you 30% commission of any purchase your invited users make on the platform. 

You can access your Affiliate page directly from your account settings where you can track how many people you have invited and your accumulated commission. Please follow this guide for a more details where we show you how to access your unique link, and cover all the basics you need to know.

Navigate to Affiliate page

Once logged in, click on your email/username in the upper right corner and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. From there, navigate to "Affiliate Program" tab.

Copy and share your Referral unique link

Your referral ID and the link is automatically generated after the registration. Now you can copy the link and share it with people you want to invite to Bitsgap. If you prefer using social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), you can click on any of the following social media icons. You will receive a new page where you can add comment to your referral link and post it.

Track your performance

You can monitor your performance in real-time. The Signups will display how many people have created an account on Bitsgap via your referral link. Paying accounts gives you an overview of how many accounts purchased subscriptions. If user cancel or subscription is expired it will remove that paying account from the stats. Conversion presents the ratio of accounts who have registered via your referral link and how many paying accounts are active. 

Rewards and Payouts

Affiliate (you) receives 30% payout of any purchase users make on Bitsgap, first package included. You will keep receiving this exclusive reward from any other recurring payments they make. To receive your payout, enter your BTC wallet and we will transfer it to you. Alternatively, you can use your balance to extend or upgrade your subscription package.

Note: The minimum payout should be not less than 25 EUR and the processing time may take up to 5 days.

Thank you for spreading a word about our project! We would be happy to see our community growing and making Bitsgap top 1 choice for all crypto traders! If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us by email at