To check the price for each coin on different exchange, please open the Market Cap Page. Bitsgap allows you to quickly find any cryptocurrency pair and check the price on any of the supported exchanges.

1. The multifunctional search will allow you to find the pairs in the most efficient and quick way possible. The commas can separate search items. You can search by pairs, coin and exchange.

2. The timeframe section will allow you to view the change in the value of the pair for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hour and so on.

3. The blue triangle means that pair presented on several exchanges and if you click it, you will see the detailed information for each exchange.

4. You can always bookmark any pair in your favorites by clicking on the start next to it.  Favorites pairs are always visible on the top of your Market Cap list.

Quick example for searching XRP/BTC and LTC/EUR

Or searching for kraken and binance trade exchanges

Or any pair traded with USD, EUR and JPY