Do not worry! There are a few reasons which you may experience while logging into your Bitsgap account. All of them can be solved by following the troubleshooting below.

Wrong email

You are trying to use your other email. Please make sure to use your primary email address which is the email address with which your Bitsgap account was registered.

Typing errors

You have a typo, or some keys on your keyboard are malfunctioning. To check it: Enter your password in a field where you can see the clear text. If your password is correct, copy it into the Password field. Correct any typing errors, and make sure you don't have any space in the beginning, middle or the end.

Caps Lock is on

The password is case sensitive, check of your Caps Lock is off.

Password field filled with the old password

If you have changed your password recently, there is a chance that your previous password saved in your browser cache. Please check your browser settings.

Reset your password

You can request a new password, by clicking Forgot your password link.

Should you still experience any issues after following all the above steps, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at any time for further assistance!