Once you have submitted a ticket, you will receive an email notification in your inbox. Depending on the problem, you will be asked to proceed with self-troubleshooting - our support team always provides you with the most detailed instructions. For some technically complicated issues we are required to postpone or delay the solution, we will immediately let you know the approximate waiting time.

To track the status of your ticket, log in to your Bitsgap Support account. Find Check Ticket Status below the search field.

The status of your ticket along with a brief description and ticket number shown here.

There are several Ticket Statuses you must be familiar with:

  • Being Processed - under review
  • Closed or Resolved - if either party marks a ticket as resolved
  • Awaiting Your Reply - if some information or actions required from your side

Important notes!

  • To follow up with your questions, please open the active ticket and reply with your message.
  • To prevent any confusions and have all info structured in one place, please submit a single ticket for each question. This will help us to resolve your issue much faster.
  • If you want to add anything or request more information, please do so in the original ticket.
  • Submitting multiple tickets for the same issue will only cause further delays.