Arbitrage trading is a unique method to generate profit based on the price difference. Our system calculates and displays arbitrage opportunities every all the time taking into account your available balance and volume. This chapter will explain how you can make your first arbitrage deal. We recommend reading Navigation in arbitrage trading interface article before proceeding with this part.

Select arbitrage deal

As soon as the opportunity occurs, you will receive the necessary information about buying and selling markets, currency pair, available volume and profit you can achieve by completing the arbitrage deal. The first thing to note is the potential profit you can make from the arbitrage deal - our system sort arbitrage deals based on the amount of profit you can make in ascending order (from the bottom to the top).

Complete arbitrage deal

When you are ready to make an arbitrage deal with convinced profit and volume parameters, click the Trade button. The system will send two request to purchase and sell coins on both markets. 

Please note, that for a guaranteed transaction, you must have at least 15 USD worth value in Fiat and 15 USD worth value in the crypto coins.

To check your arbitrage history and trading logs, please proceed to the next chapter Browsing arbitrage history