This article will provide a quick insight into what the Bitsgap platform has prepared for a user. The article divided into sections and gives you primary navigation within the tabs and explain what you can do as a regular Bitsgap user:

  • Dashboard
  • Market Cap
  • Trading
  • Arbitrage
  • My Exchanges


The Dashboard is your main page where you track your funds, monitor your recent trading activity, and check official Bitsgap news.

Holdings - shows your entire portfolio within all your exchanges linked to Bitsgap platform. You can sort the view by exchange and coin to see where your most funds allocated.

Recent Trades - your trading log where you can see your recent activity

News -  all official Bitsgap news and announcements stores in the News section

Watch List - you can any pair from supported exchange to keep an eye on it and see the price changes for different time frames

Market Cap

Advanced Market Cap page allows you to monitor crypto currency market capitalization in the most detailed view. You can see the trends, market price changes and compare price levels within multiple exchanges. You can learn more about Market Cap in related article.


Trading page is the place where you can analyze the specific market and send requests to place orders. We have prepared a separate section in our Knowledge Base where you can get familiar with all unique features Bitsgap offering for trading.


The Arbitrage service allows you to gain profit by trading based on a price difference. The system calculates thousand opportunities every second and cover all crypto currency pairs available on supported exchanges. If some actions required to complete specific arbitrage deal, you will see a message informing you about what you need to do to complete this particular arbitrage trade. We highly recommend to read our Arbitrage Manual before practicing this method of trading.

My Exchanges

To unlock all features, it is necessary to add API key to Bitsgap. Adding your API key is a quick process and will take you only couple minutes. You can learn about how to do it in related article. You can also check our Security policy to get familiar how we are protecting your API key and account.