It is essential to know how much you have in your exchange accounts, and how much of your total account balance is available for immediate trading. Checking your balance helps you understand where you stand financially and how successful was your recent trading activity. Bitsgap provides couple way to check your balance on all exchanges you have added.

Holdings on Dashboard

Visit your Dashboard and proceed to Holdings section where you can find overview of all your coins among all exchanges you have added to Bitsgap platform.

You can sort your will by coin to see the total amount of each cryptocurrency you have.

You can also expand the view of any coin to see where you have it the most.

Or maybe you would like to sort your assets based on exchange? This is possible too.

And there is also an option to expand the view to see what coin do you have on each exchange.

Balance on Trading

Visit your Trading and select any exchange where you have API linked. You can select exchange from the drop list menu or manually enter the exchange name.

At the bottom of your screen you can see the Balance tab where you will be able to see the balance of the selected exchange. This will help you to understand how much of the available balance you have for trading.