You can place buy or sell orders for crypto currency pair supported by Bitsgap on any exchange you have linked to the platform. To unlock trading feature you need to add at least one API key from any exchange you have account on. If you need assistance with adding API key, you can check related article in our Knowledge Base. We also have manuals for exchange account registration and how to find and generate API key for each supported exchange.

To place your first order, please follow instructions below:

1. Go to Trading

From your Bitsgap home page, please proceed to Trading

2. Select Exchange

Once you are on Trading page, select your linked exchange by clicking the drop down menu or manually enter the exchange name.

3. Select Currency Pair

After, select currency pair you want to trade.

4. Proceed to Trading Window

At the bottom left corner of your screen you will find Place Order window, where you can enter the values manually or select any entry from the orderbook.

Bitsgap allows you to place three types of orders regardless of the selected exchange 

  • Limit - order to buy or sell a currency at a specific price or better, where buy limit order can be completed at the limit price or lower, and sell order can be completed at the limit price or higher 
  • Market - order to buy or sell a currency immediately at the best available price 
  • Shadow - order to buy or sell a currency at a specific price, if only the market price meets the price set by you. Please refer to related article describing all important features and settings you need to know before practicing this type of order

You need to simply enter the price and the amount, the Total field will be generated automatically. You can fill any two out of three values to autocomplete the last one. When you are ready with buy or sell order, just click on the Place Order button.

5. Check your Open Orders

Once you have placed your first order, it will be displayed in the Open Orders tab. You can stop or change your orders from the Action section. To learn more about open order management, please visit related article.

Important notes! 

Please let us know if you are experiencing any problems with placing an order through Bitsgap. You can open a ticket on our helpdesk platform or send us an email directly at