To add your Huobi API key to Bitsgap you will need to have an account on Huobi where you can generate it from the back office.

Step 1: Login to your Huobi account

Step 2: Proceed to API generation

When you are logged in you need to click the drop-down menu (your email address or username) located in top right corner of your Huobi interface screen and select API Management

To create a new API key, please enter a name for your key and click the Create button.

Huobi will ask you to confirm the authentication before you can access your API Keys interface. Please check your inbox and enter the verification code sent by Huobi. When you are ready, please click the Confirm button

Step 3: Receive your Huobi API key

Once the API creation is confirmed, you will be able to see a window with your access and private keys. Be sure to record your API and Secret keys somewhere safe.

Always check the status of your Huobi API key and take into consideration the expiration period after which you need to repeat the process and update it on Bitsgap.