To add your KuCoin API key to Bitsgap you will need to have an account on KuCoin where you can generate it from the back office.

Step 1: Login to your KuCoin account

Step 2: Proceed to API generation

When you are logged in you need to navigate to your account settings by clicking Account link on top of your KuCoin user interface page.

From here please navigate to API Keys menu. If it is your first time, KuCoin will ask you to enable Two-factor Authorization and setup Security Questions. Please follow instructions provided by KuCoin

Step 3: Create a new API key

To create a new API key, please click the Create button and confirm it by answering security questions.

Kucoin will send you a confirmation email where you will find confirmation link to activate your API key. Please find confirmation email in your inbox.

Step 4: Receive your KuCoin API key

Once you have followed all the instructions you will be able to see your API and Secret key. Be sure to record them somewhere safe. Please note that you will have only 30 minutes to add your Secret key to Bitsgap, and make sure that the API key status is Enabled.