On your portfolio page, you can find an option to change the sort by the view to coin and exchange. This will give you a utility to track and analyze your trading data based on your exchange account or coin performance. You can use sort by view for your Balance Chart and additional bottom tab (Holdings, Sold & Transactions)

We have prepared a couple of examples of how and when you can use the "sort by" feature to highlight specific information about your trading activity.

Balance Chart

By default, your Balance Chart settings for sort by view is set to Exchange. This will generally provide you a wealth of information where most of your funds allocated based on the value of selected account currency. In the example below, we can see that Binance exchange holds most of our funds.

If we change this view to Coin, then Portfolio will generate data based on the performance of coins you have among all your exchanges. This will provide you with information on what cryptocurrency is making most of your portfolio value. In our example, we can see that our portfolio diversified and most of our holdings generated by WAVES and STRAT.

Holdings, Sold & Transactions

The same system can be applied to the bottom tabs. But in this case, we are sorting the table for a more detailed view. The Sort by function here can used to optimize the way of displaying information based on your preferences.

By having Exchange option enabled for your Sort by view, your table and logs will be sorted by exchange, where you can expand it for more detailed information. In the example below, we decide to expand binance exchange to see what coins do we have there, the price information, daily change and what value do they contribute to our financial portfolio.

Alternatively, we can use Sort by Coin instead to get full information about all our coins and transactions. As we can see, by expanding BTC coin we receive a list of exchanges where BTC is available. There we can see the market price and daily changes associated with these exchanges.