This article will explain how you can utilize the information presented on your Portfolio chart for your daily trading and long-term decision making based on historical performance of your digital assets. The general concept of this feature is to provide online digital portfolio tracker with an easy-to-read chart. To aid in understanding market patterns and whether or not the price movement of an asset is due to the actual performance or it is a tangential impact from the overall crypto market. Even if you are holding your cryptocurrency, you also need to follow the news and trends that affect both the digital assets and the market to see if the correlation is taking place in your portfolio, especially if your portfolio has more than one digital asset. 

This article will address these questions and provide in-depth navigation where you can see how you can use portfolio chart for your strategic planning.

A coordinate grid used in portfolio graph shows the value movement in relation to the period. The horizontal axis represents the dates, and the vertical axis indicates the value of selected exchange or currency. The point where horizontal and vertical axis intersect shows the information about what is the value (volume multiplied by market price) of a selected currency or exchange portfolio was on that date.

By default, portfolio chart shows you the performance of your exchange accounts where you can learn which one of your exchanges have the most power and value in your overall portfolio. Every exchange will have its color, and the total line will always stay black so you can see the general performance of all your accounts.

You can select or deselect any exchange from your portfolio chart view; this will allow you to compare the performance of combined chosen exchanges and also discard empty accounts. By selecting only one exchange, the picture will be sorted by coins where you can understand exactly how your assets are performing with daily price and volume update

Note: Selecting an exchange or all option will change your reporting tab and balance chart window as well.

When you change your view to a single exchange, you can select or deselect any number of your crypto assets. It allows you to benchmark two or more assets against each other and receive detailed performance reporting to see which instrument gives you more value to your portfolio when the market capitalization is increasing or decreasing. This particular feature shows you if the asset is worth keeping or you need to relocate your investment in some other coin. 

Note:  Value calculated by multiplying your owned volume by a market price.

You can change the period for your reporting, you are given an option to receive information about the past 7 and 30 days performance, and you can get the full stats from the very first transaction, or you can specify the period by using the Custom period option.

Note: Changing the period will also change your reporting tab and balance chart.

There is also an option to export all your data and share your portfolio statement in a single click. Please refer to the related article and learn how you can set up export data.