You can set up a price alert for any supported currency directly on your Bitsgap account. At the moment, alarm works while you are online on Bitsgap website only. You will receive a pop-up notification, and your message log will be updated. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to set up your first price alert.

Select an exchange and currency pair you would like to set up a price alert, then navigate to your trading window.

In your trading window, select Place Alert tab. Bitsgap alerts are in-platform notification informing you about the price changes of selected currency pair with predefined price setup. Please note that information for crossing the price will be shown at Bitsgap website only, you must be logged in to receive alerts.

  1. Enter the target price of the currency pair at which you would like to receive a notification. 
  2. If active, the system will notify you every 30 seconds about crossing the target price. 
  3. To add alert to activate notification list, you need to confirm setup by clicking the Set Alert button.
  4. In Alerts Log you can browse and remove your alerts.

If the price crosses assigned price, you will receive a pop-up notification, but also you will be able to monitor your alerts in Messages tab.