This article will describe what Holdings tab is and how it can be used to monitor your funds on different exchange accounts. You will find couple examples of how you can optimize your navigation and export data by using Sort by filter feature.

You can find Holdings tab directly at the bottom of your Portfolio page. Here you will find detailed information about coins and fiat you have among all linked exchanges. Please note that some coin may not be visible because they are held in open orders or not supported by Bitsgap. Coins with small amount won't appear here either.

Sort by Coin

If your sort by list option selected as Coin, you will see the list of all your coins own under your exchange accounts. By clicking on any coin name the list of exchanges where this coin is present will appear. You can use this function to examine where most of your particular coin deposited.

The table provides in-depth information about the current market price, daily price changes and value of any entry:

  • Coin - cryptocurrency name.
  • Amount - a total number of owned or used in transaction currency.
  • Price - the price used to describe a market value of owned currency or a rate at which currency is trading
  • Day - price percentage change for the past 24 hours for the selected currency
  • Value - the result of a total number of digital assets multiplied by their matching price, and converted to the rate of selected currency
  • Percentage (%) - a measure of particular digital assets about a whole portfolio based on a current value
  • Exchange - name of the market where transaction occurred or funds held

The following table can be exported into pdf file and the entries will be shown as in example below

Sort by Exchange

Another function of Sort By Exchange in your holdings is to change the table view where you can see all your linked exchanges, their number of coins and see where most of your funds placed. The table itself provides an option to see the status of your exchange based on the funds allocated there. By expanding (clicking) on exchange, you will receive a list of all coins deposited on your exchange account with the same detailed information as we have in Sort by Coin list:

The following table can be exported into pdf file and the entries will be shown as in example below