In this tutorial, you will find a step by step instruction on how to create and launch a new trading bot on Bitsgap.

To create a new trading bot, first please go to Grid page. Here you have to options: Configure parameters for your bot or use backtested suggestions from the Strategies tab. You can learn more about backtesting and strategies in "Backtesting Trading Bot strategy".

 1  Bot settings

 2  Strategies tab

Bot Settings

To make it simple, we will create a new bot on BTC / USDT pair on Bitfinex and adjust all settings manually. More information about settings in Trading Bot parameters.

  Attention   Do not copy these setting as they are used to demonstrate the general concept of creating a bot.

1. Select exchange and pair

 1  Select exchange

 2  Select trading pair

2. Price range

The price range settings allows you to set up lowest and highest price level for the grid, as well as stop loss price condition. Click the Edit icon.

 1  Enter the highest sell price

 2  Enter the lowest buy price

 3  Enter the stop loss price (optional)

 4  Click Confirm

3. Profit of one grid

This section is used to modify the profit on each grid and to add exchange's commission into calculation. You can configure the profit of one grid by increasing/decreasing number of grids and price range. Click the Edit icon.

 1  Enter the number of active grids

 2  Enter your exchange's one side trading fee (always maker)

 3  Click Confirm

  Note   We cannot automatically detect your exchange's commission so you need to enter it manually. You can find this information on your Exchange's Fees Schedule page.

4. Investment

The last part is where you need to allocate funds to run the bot. The bot will immediately use all funds provided to create a grid of open orders. These funds will be always locked in open orders.

You can drag the lever to increase or decrease the amount of investment, or you can be more precise and edit the amount per grid.

 1  Enter the amount per grid (base currency)

 2  Click Confirm

5. Start bot

Make sure that every parameter is set correctly, you won't be able to change settings after bot is created. When you are ready, click Start Bot.

If you do not have the correct amount of base or quote currency, then our system will propose you to purchase it immediately at market price.

  Note   For this service, we will always use either base or quote currency. Any other coin is not involved.

Shortly, you will receive notification about successfully create bot. From now on, our system will execute and add new orders with our script and based on your settings. 

All buy and sell orders will be visible on your grid and trading chart, and as GRID type orders in open orders tab. You can see transactions history and remove bot (and all open orders associated) in bot list.

 1  Grid graph

 2  Bot list

Congratulations! You just created your first trading bot!