Trading bot parameters are fundamental settings to execute your grid trading strategy. It is essential to identify the price range, the number of grids, assign balance per grid, and include one side trading fee. These settings cannot be changed after the bot is created. The only way to adjust your grid strategy for a new market state - is to cancel your active bot and create a new one.

By default, the system automatically suggests settings based on the best results from 7 days backtesting, but you can change them based on your own preferences.

  Attention   Do not copy these setting as they serve for demonstration purposes.

Price range

The price range is the trading range between the highest and lowest prices where the bot will place grid orders. It is also possible to set up a stop loss price whereupon triggering all purchased coins will be sold at market price.

 1  Resistance price - the upper limit price or the highest sell price the bot use for grid generation. No order above this price will be placed.

 2  Support price - the lower limit price or lowest buy price the bot use for grid generation. No order below this price will be placed.
 3  Stop price - a stop price to limit losses if the market price goes down. If triggered, the system will market sell all base currency used in grid orders and remove a bot.

Profit per grid

The profit per grid is made from each sell and buy order in the grid. If included, it counts the one side transaction fee.

The number of grids and price range directly affects the profit per grid. It can be modified based on your results expectations:

  • Less profit percentage but the highest probability to fill orders - use more grids in the selected range.
  • More profit percentage but the lowest probability to fill orders - use fewer grids in the selected range.

 1  Grids quantity - the number of grids used within the grid price range, i.e. the number of open orders at once.

 2  One side trading fee - the exchange's one side trading fee for limit orders (maker). You can find this number on your Exchange's Fees Schedule page.

  Tip   The balance between the number of grids and price range is the key to successful bot settings. Use the backtesting to estimate the possible results.


The total investment is the amount of base and quote currency required to create and maintain the trading bot. If you do not have the exact amount for opening a grid, do not worry, the bot will purchase it automatically for you using a base or quote currency of selected trading pair. The bot will never use any other coin to create and maintain the grid.

It is not possible to assign more than 95% of your available balance for the bot - it is done to assure that there are enough funds left to cover the trading fees.

 1  Quantity per grid - the amount of base currency per grid (order). The minimum amount should respect the minimum order step set by your exchange.

 2  Available balance - assign total balance to use for a particular trading bot by dragging the lever.